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Elizabeth Catlett

Standing Strong

31 1/5 x 10 1/4 x 9 1/4"


Standing Strong, A strong woman gazes upward and left, her right hand rests on her head while her left is held at her lower back. Catlett has captured her subject at a moment that suggests both vulnerability and confidence. A constant theme within the works of Elizabeth Catlett is the inner strength and determination evident in this important bronze. Two major exhibitions of Catlett’s work will appear at the Brooklyn Museum and the National Gallery of Art in 2024. 

Catlett frequently revisited themes and subject throughout her long career. Very similar figures exists as unique works: Black Flag, 1970, carved cedar, illustrated “The Art of Elizabeth Catlett”, by Samella Lewis, 1984; and, Standing Woman with Blue Eyes 1994, of carved mahogany with turquoise, illustrated, “Elizabeth Catlett Sculpture", edited by Lucinda Gideon, 1998

Elizabeth Caltett: Standing Strong is also the title for a 2023 film by Kevin Kelley about the life and works of EC.

Signed at the base with EC monogram, from an edition of 9

Condition is excellent.