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Peter Brooke

Prairie Cairn

36 x 48"


Peter Brooke's landscape paintings take inspiration from memory and his experiences of a walking mediation through seeing. He builds each painting slowly, layering with thin glazes and adding and removing paint to create rich surfaces. His work, rooted in minimalism, is at the same time experiential. It is evidence of his own experience in the landscape and the resulting creation of a universe of space, atmosphere, and immersion in color and response. His travels in the landscape take place in rural, often wild, areas where he walks without a sketchbook or a camera; his senses rule. His magical skills as a highly trained artist are matched with his spiritual relationship with the natural world, and make possible works on panel and paper that envelop and enrich.

"The images I create depict places that are drawn entirely from memory and experience. I am interested in the subtle interplay found between the imagined and the real. My works are meant to act as windows, something to look through and contemplate. Each has its own travelogue. Consequently, they are as much landscapes of the mind, as they are physical representations.” - Peter Brooke