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Cast-iron Figure of Diana de Gabii

Cast-iron Figure of Diana de Gabii

67 ins. high, 20 ins. wide, 16 ins. deep; integral base 20.25 ins. x 18.5 ins.


A fine cast-iron figure of Diana de Gabii, the Goddess standing next to a tree trunk and draped in robes, on its integral base.

This model of Diana is one of many replicas derived from the Roman work excavated by Gavin Hamilton in 1792 at the Borghese estate in Gabii, Italy (the statue found by Hamilton was a Roman copy of ca. 347 BC Greek original). The figure was purchased by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1807 and by 1820 was displayed at the Louvre. Popularity of this masterpiece grew and by the late 19th century several copies in many mediums were conceived and displayed. Frohner’s entry in the catalog of the Louvre describes the Diana “as one of the pearls of the museum [and is] among the most admired masterpieces of Greek sculpture.”