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Robert Young Antiques

Exceptional C18th English Folk Art Tavern Sign

23" high x 35.5" wide (framed)


Exceptional C18th English Folk Art Tavern Sign

Inscribed "Robin Hood. & Little John." 

Above Two Sign Written Cartouches 

The Verses titled "Landlords Invitation" and "Landlords & Drunkards Caution"

Oils on Wood Panel,

English, c.1770


" Landlords Invitation


Gentleman you are wel

Come to fet down at eafe

To pay what you call for

Drink what you pleafe


Call Gentlemen call,

I am ready to sell,

My Liquors are good

My meafure is juft

Exife runs high

I can not truft. "



I have trufted to my forrow 

Pay to day & truft to morrow 

A Drunkard i have been 

Many years at home no 

Eafy chair could i find 

A cruel brute to my wife

and to my children 

unkind left them at home 

Starving when i was drinking 

Strong beer, Punch or wine 

but now i have spent all my 

Store like a poor naked 

Vagabond I am turned out 

of doors. now no eafy chair"