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Allan Katz Americana

Exceptional "Highlander Whirligig"

This depicts a member of the 79th New York Infantry Regiment. The only "Highlander Whirligig" known.

35"H with paddle extended


This extraordinary carving represents a member of the 79th New York Infantry Regiment in parade attrire of traditional tartan kilt and bonnet with thistle motif. According to guidelines set by the New York State Militia, in the field the Highland Guard wore tartan trousers, not kilts. The New York 79th was organized on June 20, 1859. It was one of three regiments which formed the Fourth Brigade of the First Division of the New York State Militia. The 79th gained fame during the Civil War for its service in the Union Army. Although two "Zouave Whirligigs" are known, this is the only example of a "Highlander Whirligig known.