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Santa Claus

25” x 30”, 33” x 38” with frame


Label on verso: “This painting of Santa Claus was painted in 1845 by John Vanderlyn for the cabin on the river steamer Santa Claus -owned by Ezra Fitch. The Santa Claus: operated on the Hudson River between Rondout, the port of Kingston, and New York. Rondout was also the terminus of the Delaware and Hudson canal. The boat was built in 1845. The background is a literal view of the buildings of Rondout as they were at that time. The captain of the boat was a model for Santa Claus. Similar large paintings, designed by Vanderlyn, were painted on the outside of the paddle wheel coverings.

John Vanderlyn, Jr., the nephew of famed John Vanderlyn, who was the first American artist in Paris to pass the rigorous ecole-des beaux-arts examinations in 1798, is commonly mistaken for his uncle. As with this work, Santa Claus, it is signed on verso, John Vanderlyn. John Vanderlyn, Jr. studied and trained with his uncle as well as with the very successful portrait painter Ammi Phillips. John therefore concentrated on making a living as a portrait painter during the mid-19th century.

Over-all in excellent condition, minor areas of in-painting in background.

Over-all in excellent condition. (see full condition report)

Item ID: WoA-AMP-OC 684

Price: $150,000