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Spencer Marks

Pair of Hayes & McFarland 'Sun Ray' Art Deco Sterling Vases, Mount Vernon, NY, 1928

Stunning, high quality examples of American art deco.

7 inches in diameter at the top by just under 9.5 inches tall


Great examples of American Art Deco silver are quite scarce, and these wonderful vases are exceptional. Rising from a thick, circular ring are v-shaped flutes executed with wonderful precision. These flutes have v-shaped tops creating a lovely, decorative edge that defines the reflective, vertical panels that gracefully flare outwards heading toward their rims. Four curved stepped feet are attached to the circular ring. These magnificent, bold design elements convey strength and beauty along with stunning elegance.

In 1937, an identical vase was exhibited at The Metropolitan Museum of Art as part of a silver exhibit showcasing contemporary modern silver with the purpose of giving "some indication of present trends in design, specifically of current tendencies in the interpretation of what is now generally called the modern style." (1)

Hayes & McFarland was part of Mt. Vernon Silversmiths, Inc. which was owned by the Gorham Manufacturing Company, and Spaulding & Co. was owned by Gorham.