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Adelson Galleries, Inc.

John Singer Sargent

Venice Sunset

Inscribed on the reverse, not in the artist's hand: Fishing Boats, Venice

10 1/2 x 14 inches


Alternative titles: Fishing Boats, Venice; Fishing Boats, Venice, Sunset


This is an indistinct, diffuse view of Venetian boats seen as if looking toward the stern of the

artist's gondola. The bulbous objects in the foreground are the cushions at the back of the

passenger seats, and behind them is the forcola, the oarpost. Two barges, possibly caorline, bow

on, occupy the middle distance, with a sailing vessel beyond. The side of a third boat, with ropes

and pulleys, is visible to the right of the gondola. The evening light turns the boats into a

patchwork of soft browns and mauves. The pale sky is reflected in the water, where broad strokes

of mauve and deep green define the ripples. This is Sargent at his most economical and

suggestive. Shipping Venice: The Gesuati and Venice, Sailing Boat (nos. 1104 and 1105) are

similar in style and composition.