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Clinton Howell Antiques


Fine English antique furniture and decorative objects.

Alternate Text 30 E. 95th Street, Apt 5B
New York , NY 10128
United States


One of mankind's greatest pleasures is story. Stimulating story enchants and transports us and that level of story is found in antique furniture and decorative arts from England and Europe. The questions begin with design--who, when, why and where was this piece made. And they continue. Who was the piece made for and what did he hope to achieve in owning it? History isn't just about wars or elections, it is about lives and furniture can give us a glimpse into lives, affected and surrounded by any number of historical events--some you may know and others, not.. There is a long trail that can be followed with almost any piece of antique furniture or object. And then, of course, there is beauty. which grabs everyone. It is an extraordinary profession to be part of and I have both enjoyed and continue to enjoy being in it. And, of course, I will reveal all that I know when asked.