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Round hand-built sculptural vessel carved with diagonally incised gathering folds titled, "Chōtō (Listening to the Waves)"

In the sculptural work of SAKIYAMA TAKAYUKI (b. 1958), form and surface seamlessly merge to fashion vessels that are both sensuous and bold. Some appear as if made from sand on the beach, formed by the current of the receding water. Others appear to undulate and twist in space as if in perpetual motion, interior and exterior becoming one. His creations from the series Chōtō—Listening to the Waves evoke the power and sublime nature of the ocean and its currents. Intricately carved and finished with his unique sand glaze, Sakiyama’s works remain true to their origins as functional vessels while conveying a highly sculptural quality, perhaps inspired by his teachers at Osaka University of Arts, Yanagihara Matsuo, Yamada Hikaru, and Hayashi Yasuo.


Flower sculpture of an open camellia blossom in white (pseudo camellia)

Wide, round enji (lychee-inspired blush red) teabowl

Round vessel with mishima-style white-slip inlay within stamped, repeated, geometric patterning

Double walled, red basin-like vessel with torn and cut rim titled, " Akai daichi (Red Earth)”

Columnar, slightly bent vessel with woven-pattern decoration in reddish brown and pinkish silver glaze

Very large platter with nuka (rice-husk) white glaze ground with ladle-poured iron-glazed black trailing design

Bluish-green Oribe glazed straight-sided thickly walled teabowl

Lover Dembei pulls a love letter from Oshun, from the series "Joruri zukushi"

Yokohama kôeki seiyôjin nimotsu unsô no zu; View of foreigners loading cargo in Yokohama

Vase-like unglazed base topped with wide, outspread tiered open, cascading flattened rings titled, “Kumo (Clouds)"

Rounded Oribe-glazed tsubo (vessel) with slightly raised irregular mouth covered in iron-oxide splash patterning and incised decoration

Rectangular flask-shaped vessel with high raised neck and abstracted floral design


With more than forty-five years of experience, Joan B. Mirviss is a pillar in the field of Japanese art. As a dealer, scholar, curator, and advisor, she has been the driving force championing the top Japanese clay artists, who she represents exclusively, and whose works she has placed in major museums around the globe. Widely published as a highly respected expert, Mirviss has built many institutional and private collections of Japanese art. JOAN B MIRVISS LTD exhibits modern and contemporary Japanese ceramics, ukiyo-e, and Japanese paintings from its exclusive Madison Avenue location in New York City.
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