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Galerie Perrin

European Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture (up to 1945)

Alternate Text 98 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré
Paris , 75008

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A capriccio of a classical arcade and a column with figures conversing before a statue and Drovers and their livestock before a ruined arch and obelisk

The second signed and dated on the obelisk lower right H. ROBERT. / ANNO D / 1778


Fire in the island

Portrait of his royal highness Louis Charles d’Orléans, Count of Beaujolais (1779-1808)

Portrait of a redhead woman seen in profile

Woman in the nude in enchanted forest

The triumph of Bacchus

Callisto young Diane nymph coming out of the bath

The ruins of Bramante’s nymphaeum in Genazzano

The conversion of St. Paul on the road to Damascus

Still life with globe, palette an antique sculpture

Presumed view of a harbor near Lisbon

St Peter resurrecting Tabita

Greek girl asleep

Presumed portrait of Madame Boilly and his three sons

Portrait bust of Felice Pasquale Baciocchi (1762-1841)

Portrait bust of Prince Eugène de Beauharnais (1781-1824)

Cum Spartaco Pugnavit


Dedicated to the arts for the past three generations, the Perrin family is one of the most acclaimed authorities in French 18th century fine art.

From its prestigious showroom on the Faubourg Saint Honoré in Paris, the Galerie Perrin radiates 17th, 18th, and early 19th-century art onto the world. Indeed, Galerie Perrin has been participating in the Paris Biennale since it was launched, and each year exhibits at the TEFAF European Art Fair, in Maastricht as well as in New York, at the BRAFA in Brussels and Masterpieces in London. Galerie Perrin exemplifies the goût français in its most refined and ultimate luxurious attributes, offering a new vision emphasizing pure and sleeker outlines, bringing together past and future, classicism and modernity.

As a result of its praised choices and notorious expertise in serving official organizations, Galerie Perrin has repeatedly been cooperating with the most prominent institutions throughout the years. Its clientele includes the château of Versailles, the Museum of Marly and the Mobilier National in France, as well as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu in the United States.

Thus Galerie Perrin is the ultimate destination for distinguished and discerning collectors, worldly international interior designers, and museum curators seeking rare objects and reliable guidance.