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Galerie Nathalie Motte Masselink

Théodore Géricault

Cavalry Fight: Combat between Hussars and Mameluks during the Egyptian Campaign

5 1/8 x 6 3/8 in., 131 x 163 mm


The present Cavalry Fight illustrates both the power and dramatic intensity that characterize Géricault's work in general, as well as the high quality of his late watercolors. The drawing was probably executed around 1822-1823, just after Géricault’s return from London. The artist, weakened from an illness, did not have the energy to undertake a large painting in oils and instead concentrated on making watercolors. As Germain Bazin wrote: "The most important and probably the best production of Géricault in this last period are his watercolors. These watercolors are admirable; while his oil painting becomes commonplace, as often happens with watercolor artists, his watercolor becomes clear, and displays remarkable purity. This is probably what he gained from his contact with the English School. In that of the last period, the keys tend to blend to achieve a great finesse of execution and the arabesque predominates. The two themes that sort most often from his brush are equestrian and military scenes."