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Galerie Nathalie Motte Masselink

Jacques Sablet

Venus Protecting Helen from the Fury of Aeneas


Known for his portraits and his genre scenes, Jacques Sablet first studied in the workshop of his father Jacob. In 1775 Sablet began training under Joseph-Marie Vien, whom he eventually followed to Rome. Sablet aspired to become a history painter, and even won the Prize of the Academy of Fine Arts of Parma in 1778 with his painting The Death of Pallas. The following year he worked on a painting of Venus Protecting Helen from the Fury of Aeneas, a subject taken from Virgil’s Aeneid, and the subject of our drawing. The present quick sketch, with floating and fanciful lines, traced with a wavy and confident pen, is preparatory for a more accomplished sketch in oil on paper that is now in the LACMA, San Francisco (inv. M.2000.179.27). In addition to highlighting a certain taste for architecture and perspective, our drawing offers special insight into Sablet's creative method.