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Marcus & Co.

An Art Nouveau necklace by Marcus & Co.

A gold Art Nouveau necklace by Marcus & Co. set with aquamarines and decorated with enamel


A graceful Art Nouveau necklace by Marcus & Co composed of  three gold mounted panels linked with gold chainwork, each set with aquamarines surrounded by harmonising blue-green plique-a-jour enamel, the clasp similarly decorated, the central motif hung with a larger gold scrolled panel suspended with three aquamarine drops. c.1906-1908.

The knowledge of enamelling techniques Herman Marcus acquired from Europe and his native Germany led to employment by a number of distinguished businesses when he moved to the United States in 1850, including Tiffany & Co.  After forming partnerships with other talented jewellers, he founded his own business with his son in 1892, creating distinctive Art Nouveau jewellery characterised by its use of enamel as well as vivid semi precious stones such as demantoid garnets.   This necklace is a particularly delicate example of the firm's Art Nouveau jewellery, the cuvature of the suspended chainwork and the softness of the palette contributing to its timeless charm.