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Jonathan Cooper

Georgina Warne

The Tiger on a Tree Planting Mission

15.35 x 20.87 x 6.3ins (39 x 53 x 16cm)


Georgina Warne, a ceramicist and printmaker, skilfully combines both practices, printing directly on clay surfaces and hand painting with sgraffito techniques. She honed her craft during her BA and MA under the guidance of eminent ceramicists Mick Casson, Alan Barret-Danes, and Geoffrey Swindell. Her artistic journey continued with a Commonwealth Foundation Fellowship in the Arts and Crafts in Papua New Guinea in 1994. This experience provided her with a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the universal connection between art and nature, as well as to investigate the local use of natural materials and pigments. Hailing from the Suffolk countryside, Georgina Warne finds inspiration in nature, documenting flora and fauna. Influenced by poets like John Clare and Richard Mabey, her artwork communicates a distinctive narrative or message, often centred around conservation themes.