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Jonathan Cooper

Harriet Bane

The Panther

13.19 x 31.5ins (33.5 x 80cm) (artwork size) 16.14 x 34.5ins (41 x 87.5cm) (framed size)


"I have really pared down this painting. These animals are rare to see in the wild and are declining in numbers. I deliberately put the panther in a hostile landscape, denuded of life, sparse and barren, not the usual habitat of dense green jungle. The panther is moving on, leaving."

Harriet Bane, July 2023

Harriet Bane, originally from Bath (UK) and raised in the West Country, lives and works in Guernsey. Trained at Wimbledon School of Art where she received a BA (Hons) in Stage and Theatre Design, Harriet Bane's artistic journey was influenced by minimalism, which instilled in her a disciplined approach to composition.

Inspired by her island home's natural beauty and colours, as well as early explorers' records of flora and fauna, Harriet's work reflects her passion for preserving endangered species and capturing the essence of wildlife through painting.