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Jonathan Cooper

Ayesha Gamiet

Out Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing There Is A Field. I’ll Meet You There

22 x 32.28ins (56 x 82cm) (artwork size) 26.77 x 36.22ins (68 x 92cm) (framed work)


“This painting is inspired by walks through fields near my home in Marlow, and a line from a poem by Rumi. It is not uncommon for me to see deer and their foal, rabbits, kestrels, and all kinds of other creatures when out walking, yet it always feels like a gift when these animals cross my path. Of course, the flora and fauna I walk through are not gilded, nor is the sky turquoise, or glimmering with golden stars. But it does feel to me like a little Paradise on earth, and I wanted to express that feeling through my choice of colour and use of gold.” Ayesha Gamiet, December 2023

Ayesha Gamiet is inspired by nature and the magic of the everyday. Her love of art and books led her to study Islamic manuscript illumination and painting in London and Istanbul. She exhibits her work in the United Kingdom and internationally. In 2018 Ayesha was commissioned by the Royal Library to paint illuminated frontispieces to a poetry collection gifted to the late HM Queen Elizabeth II and then HRH Prince Charles. Her work forms part of the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle and is held in collections internationally.