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Aronson of Amsterdam

Frederik van Frytom

Blue and White Plate

Landscape with a huntsman painted in blue and white on a plate.

25 cm. (9.8 in)


In January 2024, The Winter Show will be celebrating its 70th anniversary and honoring Aronson's 30th year of exhibiting in captivating New York. To mark this extraordinary occasion, we are delighted to present an exclusive exhibition featuring two exceptional artworks by the renowned artist Frederik van Frytom (c. 1632-1702).

Frytom, celebrated as Holland's most renowned painter of seventeenth-century Delft faience, possessed an unparalleled ability to blur the lines between fine arts and applied arts. His artistic brilliance extended beyond ceramics, as he was also known for his captivating paintings on both canvas and panel. Even today, his work remains a pinnacle of perfection, a testament to the limitless possibilities of artistic expression.

Aronson will showcase a mesmerizing plate and a captivating painting on panel, both meticulously crafted by Frytom's gifted hand. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to marvel at the sublime quality of his artistry.